Business Registration/Renewal

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Get a NCB Bank account for my business ($12,000.00)

Business Name Registration

  • Most popular type of entity to form
  • Easiest and most affordable entity to form
  • Owner(s) and entity are legally the same
  • Business owner(s) assume debts and liabilities
  • Owner(s) are taxed, not the entity
  • Business to be renewed every 3 years

What You Receive:
1. Official Registration Certificate

2. Framed Copy of Registration Certificate

3. “So You’ve Registered Your Business, Now What”? – A 90+ Page Guide written by us with the sole purpose of teaching you about taxes, accounting, marketing and so much more

4. Opening of a NCB Business Account without visiting the bank (optional)

Benefits of opening a business bank account :

– Simplifying your accounting
– Make Tax Preparation Easier
– Automate Your Bookkeeping
– Establish Business Credit
– Make it Easier to Apply for a Loan or Grant
– Establish Trust with Your Customers


Q: How do I get my documents to you?
A: After your purchase, you’ll immediately receive an automated email with a link to an online form where you’ll submit the required information and upload the documents needed for registration. We will then send your NCB documents to you (if this option is selected) through the delivery method you selected for you to sign and return the documents.

Q: How long does this process take?
A: Registration takes approximately 7-10 business days after all documents are submitted. NCB business account opening takes 1-2 weeks after you return the signed documents. If for some reason, there’s a change in the standard processing time, we’ll communicate this to you.

Q: When will my package be delivered to me?
A: Packages are usually dispatched a week after the business is registered.

Q: How will I receive my documents?
A: Via TARA for local delivery

Q: Will I need to visit a NCB branch to complete the process?
A: You will only need to visit to collect your token which is quick and simple process.

Documents Required:
– Government Issued ID: Passport, National Voter’s ID or Driver’s Licence
– Tax Registration Number (TRN)
– Proof of Home Address: National Voter’s ID, Driver’s Licence, Recent Utility Bill or Rent Receipt, Bank Statement, Voluntary Declaration Certified by a Justice of the Peace)
– Licence if you are on our list of professionals required to attain a licence for registration
– If you are renewing your business, you will be sent a physical form to be signed by all owners

For more information regarding Business Registration CLICK HERE

12 reviews for Business Registration/Renewal

  1. Toni’s Virtual Centre

    I am very pleased with your customer service and communication throughout the process. It was quite easy and seamless. I’ll definitely be using your services again and I’ve already recommended you to other business owners who haven’t registered yet.


    Your customer services is really great I can’t complain. I was informed about the whole process of registering a business and I was updated on time about where u guys were in the process. I highly recommend

  3. Glitz Gallery

    Suffice to say I am sooooo glad that I followed my mind and come to All That Buzz Jamaica because a girlfriend of mine told me to go with a cheaper agency but I remember mama always say “a nuh everything cheap good,spend now save lata”!

    I would be plucking out my hair after going the cheap way. I remember when you came to Bog Walk down by Frozen, and that is how I found you on Instagram for myself and I said I will be coming to you and pay for my consultation when I need them. Keep on doing the great work you do because you inspire us💕💕💪

  4. Asili Hairtage

    I’m impressed, they personalized the service in a way where I was a relaxed person so I liked that I could be jovial in the interaction. They didn’t make everything overwhelming. It was easy, I learnt about taxes, also I could trust them to get things done and not have to worry about what happens next because they were fully prepared and communicated well. Everything was seamless. Thank you… *chef’s kiss*


    Pleasant good evening ATB!!! So I’m loooooong overdue to tell you a big big Thank you! And to let you know how much I enjoyed ur service…. very professional… no joke ting roun here!!!! Big up yuhself! Keep giving us entrepreneurs the excellent service that u provide

  6. The Creative’s Haven

    I finally got to pick up my package yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited. I kept staring and smiling at the framed copy of my certificate like it was my child. I am so happy I decided to use your business to assist me with this process as it was so easy. I had anxiety around registering and it’s not just the basic jitters you get when making a big step. I have an anxiety disorder, I overthink everything and weigh all possible scenarios and consequences before I do anything . With that being said I had literal panic attacks anytime I thought about registering because of all the unknowns. I don’t like not knowing and with registering came a lot I did not know. Taxes, accounting systems, etc. That’s why I need to say that 76 page guide is GOLD. That will be my business text book from now on. It’s like you read my mind and saw all I was thinking about and placed it in the guide. I’m still a bit jittery because that’s just me but I’m panic attack free and ready to start this new journey.


    You have been so helpful & i appreciate your warm customer service. All the necessary information i need , you have provided. You sending me updates throughout the process was assuring & how timely everything was done … was great!


    It’s official!! I have been trying to register my business for MONTHS now however I came across All That Buzz and in no time, my business was registered. I love their prompt response and how well they interact with customers. THANK YOU for making the impossible possible


    The service was smooth and no challenges at all. The instructions were precise and clear. Especially the delivery and turnaround time was right. Thanks again for your service. Will be doing more business with you

  10. Kymberley

    I don’t know if I ever really THANKED you.

    Throughout the process I believed maybe I am your most difficult client however you were always so pleasant and efficient that thought quickly left my mind. You made registering my business one of the most inspirational moves in a while.

    A very big THANK YOU. 🥳


    Received my package just now 🥳 Thank you!


    Received my package. Thank you!

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