Cessation of Business Name (Business Closure for Partnerships & Sole Proprietorships)


Disclaimer: To initiate the closure of your business, it is necessary to return your original registration or renewal certificates. Therefore, we will arrange for a courier to collect these documents from a specified local address. In the event that the certificate has been lost or misplaced, please be prepared to sign a declaration stating so.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re closing or think of closing your business. You will need to properly conclude your business operations responsibly by closing it at the Companies Office of Jamaica. Our Cessation of Business service guides you through the legal process of winding down, ensuring all obligations are met and minimizing liabilities.

What to expect: The business closure documents will be sent to you (virtually or physically depending on the signing method you selected) within 2 business days. You are required to execute the documents after which we will process at the Companies Office of Jamaica.

Estimated Processing Time (for entire process): 7-10 Business Days


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