Change of Name- Limited Liability Company


Disclaimer: Access to this service requires that all your annual returns be duly filed with the Companies Office of Jamaica. If this condition has not been met, kindly proceed to our shop page and include the necessary filing service in your cart during checkout. Please be aware that upon amending your articles, we will forward a copy of the amended document to you via email. However, should you require an official certified copy of the amended document or a new certificate of incorporation, please make sure to specify this request during the checkout process.

Revitalize your business identity with our Company Name Change Service, streamlining the process of updating your company’s name through the Companies Office of Jamaica. This service ensures your name change is legally recognized and properly registered.

Key Features:

  • Legal Name Change Process: We handle the administrative and legal procedures for filing the notice of change of your company’s name with the Companies Office of Jamaica.
  • Name Availability Verification: Our team conducts checks to confirm the availability of your new company name.

Requirements and Guidelines:

  • Multiple Name Submission: You are required to submit at least three distinct name options for your company. This is to ensure alternatives are available should your preferred name be unavailable.
  • Process for Unavailable Names: If all submitted names are unavailable, our team will contact you for additional name suggestions. We will continue this collaborative process until a suitable and available name is secured.

What to expect: The name reservation process takes 1-3 business days. Once an approved name is reserved, the documents will be sent to you (virtually or physically depending on the signing method you selected) within 24 hours. You are required to execute the documents after which we will process at the Companies Office of Jamaica.

Estimated Processing Time (for entire process): 7-10 Business Days


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